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Why do drivers and owner operators like Andy Davis Trucking? Because they work with a company that understands the hard work and dedication required being a successful driver. Ownership and management are consisted of 100% former drivers. Steady load volumes with consistent shippers and receivers, in conjunction with experienced load planners and reasonable dispatch, makes our drivers’ jobs easier. Regional lanes keep your profitability high and your home time frequent. Most of our drivers spend their weekends at home; where they prefer taking their 34-hour restarts.

By purchasing fuel from one of the largest fuel purchasers in the country, we are able to offer our owner operators the best fuel prices in the industry and pass 100% of the savings to our owner operators. Our owner operators save $3,500 to $5,500 per year through our fuel-purchasing program. We advance fuel free of charge, provide equipped trailers free of charge, choose 3-day or 15-day payment terms, payments via free direct deposit/ACH, free elogs,

We choose to be a safe and compliant trucking company and we only recruit safe and compliant drivers. With electronic logs soon approaching, drivers should be looking for a carrier that can keep them profitable and legal. Many of our drivers have chosen to use electronic logs and are financially successful with them. We provide reasonable dispatch allowing you to drive and operate DOT legal. We are well trained and look forward to training you on how to keep your truck legal and compliant. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to keep your truck DOT compliant; we’ll allow trucks of all ages to work with us.

We book loads exclusively for our owner operators and drivers. Andy Davis Trucking doesn’t broker loads to outside carriers so you don’t compete with other carriers for loads.

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What do our drivers have to say about us?

“I’ve been driving for Andy Davis Trucking for 2 years now and LOVE IT! I always thought “long haul” was for me, but now I’m really enjoying the benefits of working for a regional carrier.  I always thought I had to stay out for weeks at a time to make good money, but I’m making better money now and getting home for my weekends.”

“Best fuel prices I’ve ever gotten. They pass all the savings to me. Awesome!”

Bill S.